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Do you want to bring your sound quality to the next level, to share the perfect and emotional listening exprerience to your audience?

Then mastering is the ideal solution, for your unreleased Single, Ablum or EP. 

I will master your music up to the standard industry level!



Single Mastering

EP MAstering

Album mastering

Stem mixing and mastering

Please note:

I do not accept "small snippets" of thousands of takes that have been recorded.

This means that I only accept stems or multi tracks in full length of your song.


Audio Mixing Services


Our Mixing services offer you to send up to 10 stem tracks. Please solo and render down each track and label what they are (for instance Bass, Drums, Guitar, Verses, Dubs, Stacks, Hook  and so on each track) This way when I put them into our software they will line up with each other. Please put all labeled wav or mp3 tracks into a folder and email to us via to My mixing service includesfree mastering. Please allow up to 4 Days to mix and master your song. Includes 3 revisions!


Audio Mastering


Our mastering services are industry standard and include: 


Multi Band EQ


Program Compression

Tonal Balance

Dynamic Expansion

Stereo Enhancement 

Bass Management

Noise Reduction

Input Maximization

Output Maximization 


Peak Limiting 

Volume Leveling

Track Sequencing 



What is stem mastering?


This is where the mastering engineer masters individual mixed tracks of your song, then adds them together for an all over better quality master.

For instance, the first track of your mastering services would be drums and bass, the second is guitars and synth, the third would be verses and adds and the last would be chorus. 

We allow up to 4 stems per song and any additional stem is $10. This is a way to get better dynamic definition and maximum volume for your songs.


Note: When sending over your song to be professionally mastered. Do not add compression or limiting to the master fader and leave at least -6db headroom for me to work with. I unfortunately can not master distorted material.



Free Samples

I offer free samples of not only audio mastering services, but our audio mixing services as well. Please send us your wav files to through